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No update for awhile because I am finalizing wedding plans...hope to update again before the big day!!!
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I haven't posted in awhile because I have been busy...will post again when I have time
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May have lymphoma...just waiting for test results
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Been a long time since I've updated this but still trying to get things straight here and trying to get settled.Will update again when I have time
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Been awhile but I have been very busy.Will update again when I have time
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Might finally be getting the fuck out of this nuthouse.Can't wait to have my damned privacy back.These 2 we are staying with are screwballs and I for one will only be too happy to say goodbye to them
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I have had it with this fucking place.I hate this fucking town and all the people in it..except for my sister of course.I want out of here so god damned bad
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Moved.It sucks.I want to go home
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Men are certainly inferior fucking creatures and we women sure don't need them.Men suck
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Sorry no entry for a long while but my dad died and things were a mess and still are.I am so lost in grief I don't know what to do.Eating,sleeping and crying are all I do now.I miss him and always will
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My dad is dying of cancer.Please pray for us
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Christmas time again and time to start shopping again.This is my favorite time of the year.I have loved the Xmas holidays since I was a little kid.I don't really like all the shopping because I have a huge family and so many people to buy for but I do so love the season in general.If I don't update again until after the holidays I want to wish everyone on my friends list a very Merry Christmas!!!
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Its finally cooled off here.The summer with its heat and stifiling humidity are at last gone and fall has set in.I loved summer as a kid but can't take the heat anymore.Just got done taking the Halloween stuff down.Pretty soon it will time to put up the Christmas tree and start shopping.I can't wait for Christmas to get here as my fiance will be here and we'll get some alone time together.Thats the best time of the year for me
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So me and my dad had a major blowout last night.I'm nearly 38 years old and he still treats me like a little girl.I wish he'd back off a bit and realise that I'm all grown up now and hate to be treated like a child.I love him dearly and he's my only surviving parent but he really needs to chill.I can take care of myself and I hope he'll learn to understand that
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Ted Kennedy died on August 25,2009.The Senior Senator had many skeletons in his closet and much to atone for including the death of an innocent young woman.I only hope that he asked for forgiveness before he passed
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Been offline for 2 weeks due to a hard drive crash.Paid $113 to get everything working again.Anyway I'm back online and glad to be here.I hated being without internet access.I guess I'm addicted but I do so enjoy being online
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Things are better now between myself and my boyfriend.However I'm still not feeling very well.This cold has made me feel absolutely miserable.If I'm not better by Monday I guess I'll have to make an appointment with my doctor.Which I really can't afford right now
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So here I am sick as a dog and my asshole boyfriend thinks I am lazy.I just fucking hate men right now.When he is sick he whines and complains like a baby.Men are pussies.At least the one I am with is.He is such a pain in the ass at times like this
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